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3rd Party Service Kits

For Other Oil/Water Separators

3rd Party Service Kits For Other Oil/Water Separators

Increase Performance by switching to Silexa™

Improve the performance of your old oil/water separator by replacing the original carbon bag service kit with SEPURA's SILEXA™ material.

SILEXA™ has been designed to offer an exceptional technical solution for the treatment of a wide range of condensates. Key to its performance is the mechanical structure that maintains integrity while submerged, keeping open the internal pathways to avoid blocking - while simultaneously providing incredible surface area to maximise oil adsorption and filter service life.

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Advantages of SILEXA™ Media...

  • Longer Service Life

    SILEXA™ adsorbs more oil than carbon, and is much less likely to block, reducing the chance of messy overflows.

  • Cleaner Outlet Quality

    With a greater affinity for oil and a larger useable surface area than carbon, overall, less oil gets past SILEXA™.

  • Easier Handling

    SILEXA™ is lighter than carbon; it's also less dusty and needs no pre-soaking. So it's easy to install, needs no special pre-treatment and helps keep things clean.

  • Environmentally Sound

    SILEXA™ is produced from recycled materials and can also be recycled, so it's a sustainable solution to an environmental problem.

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3rd Party Service Kits For Other Oil/Water Separators

It is worth noting that in most oil/water separators, performance is to a large extent governed by the effectiveness of the oil skimmer or weir which forms part of the gravity separation phase. If that part of the system is not working properly the SILEXA™ filter can only compensate to a limited amount. In that event it's worth considering changing it for a SEPURA separator, which does not use the gravity separation design.

For normal condensates, SEPURA ST separators are excellent, while for particularly difficult or even emulsified condensates, SEPURA D offers a practical and economical solution. Contact your SEPURA supplier for details.

Like Carbon, SILEXA™ is optimised for condensates formed in systems using hydrocarbon based lubricants; its effectiveness is similarly reduced on PAG material, where capacities should be down-rated by about 50%.

3rd party service kits for OWS are available for:

  • BEKO
  • Boge
  • Compair
  • Denco
  • Domnick Hunter
  • Donaldson
  • Gardner Denver
  • Hankinson
  • Hiross
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Jorc
  • Kaeser
  • Ultrafilter
  • Wortmann
  • Zander


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