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The SEPURA separator concept was born back in 2004 when it was first introduced to the world market as a cost efficient, easy to use separator with no moving parts, simple to install, operate and maintain, with a 100% performance guarantee. This then new concept separator for treating air compressor condensate came in four size unit range 100, 300, 750 & 1500 and originally used a carbon filter media.

In 2009 Bowman's Research and Development Team invented the revolutionary SILEXA™ filtration media that totally change the way condensate is treated today. Made from recycled glass bottles this fully sustainable and renewable patented media provides a multitude of benefits compared to traditional medias, 20% more adsorbent, cleaner, lightweight handling and no pre-soaking made installation even easier and enabled rapid servicing, with outlet quality discharge down to 5ppm.

The SEPURA Mid-range separators were re-sized to contain the SILEXA™ media 120, 360, 900 & 1800 creating the most formidable condensate treatment available.

The SILEXA™ media enabled Bowman's Research and Development Team in 2010 to develop the worlds first fully disposable separator our SEP60, compact, single use, quick fit design with the capacity to out-perform separators twice its size.

2012 saw the introduction of the High Capacity SEP3500 & 7000 units.

During the following years our separators have been continually modified and improved, in 2015 the SEP1250 and 2500 models were added to the Mid-range along with the D range active separators for treating difficult or emulsified condensates.

The Research and Development Team at Bowman are working on continual product improvement and striving to create the next evolution of condensate treatment.


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